Home Of Robin Gibb.

After another Garden Party in the Prebendal, the Home of Robin Gibb, I wanted to give something back to the family especially to Dwina.

I brought my music equipment with me and set myself up in the Refectory next to Robins white grand piano and played `To Love Somebody` on my guitar, accompanied by a backing track I recorded the evening before at home. To love somebody is one of my favorite songs from the Bee Gees and I sung it to Dwina, who was sitting in front of me. Dwina and R.J. liked it so I was pleased. 


Dwina asked me straight away what kind of music I am making and I performed another song which I had with me, a demo version of ´Don´t let me go`. I was pleased to sing it and I felt excited that Dwina was singing along silently moving her lips to the words, not knowing the lyrics before. Currently the song is completed and the instruments added and I hope to release it in the near future. 

I felt privileged to be present and sing in the place where Robin used to play and compose.   

Special thanks to Roger Findlay and Yvonne Hume for taking some photographs.