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On Monday November 12th I will be in Los Angeles for an interview with Ed Lagman on RADIO FILIPINO USA.COM

I am looking forward to it !

very nice recognition for my work as a songwriter from the UK songwriting contest: 

Fife Stars were awarded! This strongly impressed the judges to receive a Highly Commended Entry Award. This is to certify that WHY DON'T YOU LEAVE is a Commended Entry in the Pop category in the UK Songwriting Contest 2020. This song was carefully examined by expert music industry judges and they have awarded Michael Mike Schwarz this certificate for participating in the contest and for contributing to its success as a leading international anual songwriting event.

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Inspiration for ´today is tomorrow`

The inspiration for the song came partly from Robin Gibb´s song `Mother of Love´ from his last Album 50 St. Catherine's Drive.

The words ´Always be my lighthouse in the storm` had something and I knew that would fit my song perfectly and so the opening of the chorus was created.

The other day I phoned Dwina and told her about the inspiration I got from Robin’s song and we talked about how other people are touched by his song as well. Once the Bee Gees were inspired by the title of a book ´Islands in the stream` written by Ernest Hemingway. In this case I found inspiration in a song by Robin Gibb.    

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