On Monday November 12th I will be in Los Angeles for an interview with Ed Lagman on RADIO FILIPINO USA.COM

I am looking forward to it !

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Inspiration for ´today is tomorrow`

The inspiration for the song came partly from Robin Gibb´s song `Mother of Love´ from his last Album 50 St. Catherine's Drive.

The words ´Always be my lighthouse in the storm` had something and I knew that would fit my song perfectly and so the opening of the chorus was created.

The other day I phoned Dwina and told her about the inspiration I got from Robin’s song and we talked about how other people are touched by his song as well. Once the Bee Gees were inspired by the title of a book ´Islands in the stream` written by Ernest Hemingway. In this case I found inspiration in a song by Robin Gibb.    

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