Special thanks to special people and radio stations being a partner alongside my musical journey.

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Jean-Pierre Kerhofs @ Artsoundstudio is a top producer in Belgium. He produces among others for the Ultratop 50 Belgium. Jean-Pierre understands what I want and what kind of arrangement every song fits the best. He developed my style and makes every song sound great!

Jean-Pierre, the Da Vinci of music.

Radio LRM is a Belgian regional radio station in the east of Belgium in the county of Limburg and broadcasting since 1983. Radio LRM plays every kind of contemporary music and music form all other eras. My tracks are on air on Radio LRM as well.


Special Thanks to Johan Coolen and Roel Bloemen for having me as an interview guest once in a while!

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Radio 854 is an internet radio station broadcasting live from Canada for Belgian and Dutch citizens. Radio 854 provides music from the 60's until today for people of every age. 

The stream of Radio 854 is being hosted by TorontoCast in Canada.

Special Thanks to Alex De Groot for having my music on air!

Special thanks to my background singer. Wendy always knows what the song needs.

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My tracks are on air on Radio Filipino USA based in Anaheim / Los Angeles. 

"Most Outstanding in Internet Broadcasting" with more than 150.000 followers.

Special Thanks to Tony & Ed Lagman! 

Radio Filipino USA is being awarded as one of the most outstanding internet radio stations and received the GAWAD AMERIKA AWARD 2013 given at the Celebrity Center International, Hollywood California, November 9, 2013

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113.FM Radio is a premier, global online radio provider broadcasting various music genres. Offering best in class content on each channel, 113.FM Radio has become one of the most listened online radio networks globally with an extensive reach to listeners in Europe, Latin America, Asia and the United States of America.


Special Thanks to Stephen Herold! 

My music can be heard on the Coffee House Channel and on Lover´s Lane.

113.FM partners exclusively with Empire Streaming, and Live365.com to deliver HD digital audio programming worldwide.

U.S. Headquarters

113FM Radio Network LLC

845 15th Street

San Diego, CA 9210

Olleke Bolleke Thailand.jpg

Olleke Bolleke Radio in Thailand
The Dutch radio from "The Land of The Smile"
broadcasts recognizable music, alternated with Dutch news (every whole hour) and Thai news (every half-hour) directly to your home.
Dozens of "Thailand Worshippers" from all over the world frequently listen to this newly founded internet radio station. We also heard that there are hotels and catering companies in the country playing Olleke Bolleke Radio as background music in their company.

Olleke Bolleke Radio is a great addition to the Thai news but also to the world news and all that is musically surrounded with recognizable cozy music from the 60's and 70's and good songs from the 80's and 90's.